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Welcome to Khidmati Safar Wanabal Office

Khidmati Safar is a Hajj and Umrah company whose aim is to provide assistance to the pilgrims who want to perform Hajj and Umrah. That is why we provide you with different offices of Khidmati Safar so that you can book your Umrah and Hajj with the Khidmati Safar nearby you. There are different offices of Khidmati Safar which are registered with the Head office of Khidmati Safar, so no need to worry about the branch offices of Khidmati Safar because it was chosen keeping in view the needs of the people and the belief of people in us. Khidmati Safar is one such Hajj & Umrah company that believes in honesty, transparency in business as honesty is the hallmark of Khidmati Safar.

Our Khidmati Safar Wanabal office is managed under the guidance of Azhar Shabir the resident of Wanabal with the excellent faith in the society as well in the people of Wanabal. Our motive behind choosing the skilled management body is to provide the best Umrah Services as well as best Umrah Packages and to maintain the faith of the pilgrims.

The people who are managing our branch office are trustworthy, honest and reliable people so that there can be transparency between our pilgrims and the people operating the Khidmati Safar. Khidmati Safar believes in providing Umrah/Hajj Services and Hajj/Umrah facilities so that our pilgrims can perform their rituals without any compromise. But there are certain responsibilities which you have to carry while booking your Umrah/Hajj journey at our branch offices. Some of them are:
  • Read all the documents properly while booking your Holy Journey and after proper understanding of the documents sign on the documents.
  • While you book your Umrah/Hajj journey make sure to collect the receipt of your Umrah/Hajj journey with the proper seal of Khidmati Safar.
  • If you want to make a payment of your Hajj/Umrah booking in advance you can but there is no force on paying the payments until you get the Umrah/Hajj visa and tickets.
  • Don`t transfer your booking amount in another bank accounts as we only have Punjab National Bank account in Rambagh. Always transfer the amount of your Hajj/Umrah Package in the Punjab National Bank account of Khidmati Safar as we are not responsible for the amount transferred to any personal account. For the assistance of the pilgrims we are providing you with the bank details such as account name, account number with just last 4 digits so that you can compare it with the bank details given by our branch offices:
  • Khidmati Safar
    Punjab National Bank, Natipora
  • Once you transfer the amount of your Package you will get a bank receipt on your number you need to send it on Khidmati Safar Whatsapp Number head office so that you will get an auto generated message about the confirmation of the Umrah/Hajj Package.
  • Once you do the Umrah Booking and still you have doubt whether your Umrah booking is done or not you can directly contact Khidmati Safar Head office or can contact Khidmati Safar Customer Care Toll Free Number which will assist you with any query you have.
On behalf of the Head office of Khidmati Safar we would like from you to give suggestions about the behaviour of the managed body of the concerned branch offices. Whether you have good or bad experience at any branch office you can directly contact the phone numbers of Head offices of the Khidmati Safar so that we can make it clear and provide good Hajj/Umrah assistance to our pilgrims.

We make our policies and procedures clear so that there can be transparency between our client and us so that they can make their Hajj/Umrah Journey memorable and life long. We make our policies clear so that there cannot arise any fraud or scam between our pilgrims.
To book your Umrah Journey at Wanabal Khidmati Safar Office you can contact on the given number: 7051101344

You can also contact Khidmati Safar Head office on the following numbers:
For further details related to the Umrah/Hajj Package or Umrah/Hajj Services, you can call on the below-given numbers:
For service related you can call on Khidmat Safar Phone Number: 7780 95 4196
For queries and questions, you can call on: 99066 11 241
And for suggestions or complaint, you can call on Khidmati Safar customer care toll-free number which will assist you for 24*7: 1800 890 1320 And to know more about the services provided by the Khidmati Safar you can visit our Head Office between 09:00 a.m to 05:30 p.m which is situated in Punjab National Bank Building,Rambagh Srinagar.

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