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How Many Times Can You Do Tawaf

Tawaf is the important duty one needs to carry while Performing Umrah Or Hajj. Tawaf means Circulating the Kabba Seven Times in an Anti-clockwise direction. It is Mandatory for every pilgrim to circulate around the Kabba as it signifies the Unity Of Believers in Allah while plea to Allah. Tawaf is considered as a Greeting when we enter the Sacred Mosque i.e. Kaabah. Normally when you do Tawaf around the Kabba it starts from the Black Stone and is completed every time a person is Back At The Black Stone, or parallel to it. Moreover, circulating seven times around the Kabba means you did one Tawaf. So you can do as many as Tawaf you want but you have to make the Niyat of Nafil Tawaf and can perform the tawaf in your normal clothes or on the behalf of any person whether alive or dead. And you don�t need to go to Sa`ii after performing Nafil Tawaf. But yes if you are performing Umrah Tawaf you need to be in Ihram and have to go to the Sa`ii to complete the Umrah.
In order to perform Tawaf, there are certain requirements which are needed to be followed otherwise Damm becomes Wajib:
1. Niyyat Or Intention: One should do Niyyat before Performing Tawaf. There is No Tawaf Without Niyyat.
2. Purification: It is essential to be in a Purified State while one needs to perform Tawaf.
3. Covering The Body: It is important to Cover The Body properly for both Men And Women.
4. Circulating Kabba Seven Times: It is mandatory to perform Tawaf Seven Times. If a single step is Omitted Tawaf becomes Invalid. One can take a Short Break while performing Tawaf and one can take a Long Break but should have a valid reason. If in between Tawaf Prayer comes, pilgrims can Leave Tawaf and can resume Tawaf after prayer.
5. Istilam: It is the act of Kissing Hajar Al-Aswad or Gesturing towards it at the Beginning and at the End of each of Tawaf. Place your palms on Hajar al-Aswad and put your face between your two hands. If you Cannot Reach the Black stone then Point Your Hands towards the stone and say Allah U Akbar.
Hence Tawaf is Sunnah and considered as the act of Worship therefore anyone entering the Kabba needs to perform Tawaf.

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