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Can Non-Muslim Travel To Saudi Arabia

Islam means a religion of Muslims. Islam is for the one who Accepts that there is One God (Allah) and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is HIS Messenger. The person who does Not Believe in the oneness of Allah can`t be considered as Muslim as is termed as Non- Muslim.

Saudi Arabia is Not a tourist destination but is a place of Worship for Muslim Ummah all around the globe. As the great mosques of Makkah and Madina are meant to provide Spirituality and help to understand the true meaning of life. So a person who wants to Visit Saudi Arabia should be Muslim so that he/she can Devote Themselves to the path of Allah.
Non-Muslims Cannot Enter Saudi Arabia as this Restriction is not imposed by any legal human authority but this restriction is imposed by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) himself. And Allah Says Mankind has to obey what I have said. Even if the Muslims Are Not Clean or have not performed proper ablution they Cannot Enter the Grand Mosques. As written in the Quran that Oh you who believe! Truly the idolaters are unclean; so let them not, after proper ablutions, approach the Sacred Mosque.

Can Non-Muslims Enter A Mosque
It is said that Mosque is a House of Allah and anyone who wishes to enter the Mosque can Visit. To enter a mosque means to be in a Purified State as we are presenting ourselves In Front of the Creator (Allah). Being Muslims we are aware of how to Purify Ourselves while entering a mosque but Non- Muslims Aren`t Aware of proper ablutions.

So when Non-Muslim Wishes to enter a mosque they can but for them entering a Mosque means to be in Proper Attire so that it won`t distract the prayer observers. While entering a mosque men and women should cover Their Heads, women should cover Their Arms, Legs if naked. So Yes, Non-Muslims can enter Any Mosque but Without the Great Mosques of Makkah and Madina keeping in mind not to violate the holiness.

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